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When dining in New York City, you should definitely dine in a cultural melting pot that focuses on international flavors. The Bugis Street Brasserie and Bar features a full-service restaurant, bar and bar area and a private dining room.

A short trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania is a tour of the Hershey facility, but what other places can visitors to the Yorktowne Hotel Tour visit? The hotel offers its guests a full service restaurant, bar and bar area and a private dining room. This hotel is just blocks from the Pennsylvania State Capitol and Penn State University campus.

You want to leave plenty of time to explore the extensive park so you can discover it yourself. Finally, you can walk north to Pennsylvania State Capitol and Penn State University campus in 18 minutes. Just a few blocks from the hotel, you will check off the state capital and the University of Pennsylvania campus, then head a few blocks north to Yorktowne Park, the largest park in Pennsylvania.

The Appeal Center brings artists of national renown to York, while the Capitol Theater offers a unique opportunity to see independent and foreign films, including rare and critically acclaimed titles. The theater is home to the Pennsylvania State Performing Arts Center, the nation's largest performing arts center, which houses the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania and Penn State University Center for the Arts.

The annual Old York Street Fair is held every May, Mother's Day, and the historic York Fair dates back to 1765. The annual Pennsylvania State Fair, one of the largest in the country, is held in June. York hosts the annual York County Fair and York City Fair in September.

During the warm season, there is plenty of movement and you can expect to see high temperatures in the 50s and 60s. Spring and autumn travel can lead to lower prices, as hotel prices are highest at this popular time of year. Click on the table below to rate the best time of year to book hotels, restaurants, bars and other attractions in York.

To get to your hotel from John F. Kennedy International Airport, take the AirTrain JFK Red to Jamaica Station and walk to Penn Station. From there, take the Long Beach train that will take you to Pennsylvania Station and walk to Wakefield 241 Street, where you can take it to 34 Street at Penn Station. Transfer to a train to take the Northeast Corridor, or return to Jersey City, then take a long-distance train from the New York - New Jersey line to York.

You can take the M104 bus into town or take the 7 train to Penn Station and walk to Wakefield 241 Street where you can take it to 34 Street.

A 10-minute walk west will take you to Grand Central Terminal, a place you may know from several films set in New York City. The Renaissance Revival Hotel is 11 floors high and has many features that make it one of the most iconic buildings in the city, such as the roaring fireplaces and grand staircases. Its shimmering Art Deco design and towers are found all over the world, embodying the skyscrapers of New York. Each room is individually decorated and ranges from a room for one or two people to a family suite with several beds.

Each room has a fully equipped kitchen, a private bathroom and a room with a shower and a bath.

Other amenities at Yorktowne include a full-service fitness centre, extended cable and access to the city's restaurants, bars and bars.

If you want to start your day with a hearty breakfast, you will appreciate the breakfast menu at Yorktowne's breakfast bar, which includes breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, omelets, waffles and porridge. If you prefer to eat something Americana, you can get a breakfast sandwich, coffee, tea or even a cup of coffee. The offers are not finished, you also have access to a full service fitness center, gym, gym, pool and spa. Enjoy a wide range of restaurants, bars and bars, as well as a variety of fitness facilities and amenities.

Visit the Premier Lounge to relax after an event or just relax your feet after a long day in one of Yorktowne's many restaurants, bars and lounges.

To truly pamper your guests, the Hospitality Suite has a built-in bar with a full service restaurant, bar, lounge and private dining room. Each room has an LCD TV, a private bathroom, ironing facilities and access to the hotel's pool and spa.

For on-site parking, vehicle access or more information, please visit the Wingate York Pennsylvania Hotel's multi-storey car park and parking deck.

Many of York's hotel pools are ideal for families and many of them have great family amenities such as hot tubs, saunas and pool tables. The pool at York Pennsylvania Hotel at Wingate York Pennsylvania Hotel has a capacity of up to 10,000 square meters and a private pool area.

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