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Over the weekend, we tried to find unusual, historical and fun things in Pennsylvania. We traveled towards Harrisburg and found a piece of nature that is suitable as a day trip of a class of its own. Located in York County, Pennsylvania, just outside the city of York, PA, it is just a few miles from the Pennsylvania State Capitol and Penn State University campus. This is one of my favorite places and a great place to travel if you want to find something unusual and historic in Pennsylvania this weekend!

Gifford Pinchot State Park (# 27) is located just a few miles from the Pennsylvania State Capitol and Penn State University campus and offers a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, fishing, camping and hiking. If you want to pack more outdoor excitement into your day trip to Central Pennsylvania, visit neighboring Hickory Run State Park. Leonard Harrison State Park is a 585-acre hiking trail that offers scenic views of canyons and trails, waterfalls and wildlife.

Hersheypark is often one of the best day trips in Pennsylvania, and for good reason. With children riding in abundance, the fun in this theme park is not short of what makes it a good day trip. Although the site is two hours from Harrisburg, you can fill your day in Doylestown with everything you need to do when visiting Doylestown. Learn more about what is available in Hershey Parks and what we do when we visit them, as well as our guide to the best parks and attractions in Pennsylvania.

With numerous picturesque towns scattered throughout the region, there are many great day trips to central Pennsylvania. Here is a list of places to see that can easily turn into an unforgettable day trip. Whether standing or sitting: Everyone who participates in a day will find something that can satisfy their hunger.

When you are in York, you can spend the rest of the day enjoying one of the many entertainment options available. When planning your trip, you will find a wide range of entertainment and leisure activities for all ages.

Pack your car and head out for a day trip to Central Pennsylvania and recharge your batteries for more excitement in the region. Extend your day - a trip to Pennsylvania by camping in Ricketts Glen State Park or Jim Thorpe State Park, the southern end of the park. Start an hour and a half from Harrisburg, in Southern End Park in JimThorpe, then drive south to north.

Spend your day at Ricketts Glen State Park, the northern end of the park, and go see pigeons, ravens and game just an hour away. Spend your days at Jim Thorpe StatePark, at the southern end, at the eastern end, visiting the Oriole, Ravens & Game, just over an hour away, or spend the day at Southern End Park, at the northern end, near the western end.

For those interested in the supernatural, this museum is one of the best day trips in Pennsylvania. This is well worth a drive, and the Old Jail Museum is just over an hour from York City, just a few miles away. It is located in a historic building on the west side of Old York City and is a must see - see Historic Site. Two hours drive to the eastern end of York County, near the New York State border, to Pine Creek Gorge, also known as the "Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania" and a popular tourist attraction.

York Airport is located 7 miles from the city on US 30 and is a general aviation airport with scheduled flights. Visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater on a day trip from Pittsburgh or on your next trip to York.

If you don't think you can get to all the attractions in one day, a longer stay would be perfect, but you could visit all of them in one day. You only have to get in the car and fly to York Airport to catch a short flight to Pittsburgh or York City. If you prefer to spend the day, refuel in the parking lot on the way back to your hotel and then on your way home.

York, on the edge of the Amish country, was the capital during the Revolutionary War, when the Continental Congress was held there. During the turmoil of the state's founding, York County citizens spent the later years doing lighter jobs, such as a 1940s shoe salesman from Hellam Township who built a house in the shape of a giant work boot that now serves as an ice cream parlour. There is a Bowmansdale Bridge, also called Stoner's Covering Bridge.

If you look at the Haines Shoe House again, you'll know that it's worth the trip - half an hour's drive from Harrisburg. Make this a place where you can be at home and experience the best that the capital of the country has to offer. If you have a day off, take a day out to have a beer in one of York County's many beer gardens, breweries and breweries.

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